Regardless of what type of air conditioning or heating system you have in your home. Florida’s weather can be tough , proper maintenance is always a priority to ensure that your system is able to continuously function at a high level of efficiency. Proper maintenance will save you money in the long run, whether your system uses an electric or a gas furnace. Even if everything with your cooling and heating system seems to be working properly, if you haven’t been getting regular maintenance then everything might not be going as well as it seems.

That’s why you should prioritize a thorough system check up performed by one of AirNows experts– not only can it lower your energy bills, but your system will last longer too. AirNow offers a 30 point tune-up that will help improve your systems performance. So call today to schedule an appointment.

Air Now 30 Step Maintenance

  1. Lubricate condenser motor so it will extend life
  2. Hose condenser coil if needed to reduce electric bill (if accessible to water supply)
  3. Check & clean drain pan to inhibit rust, prolong life
  4. Note corrosion spots
  5. Wash & flush exterior unit (if accessible to water supply)
  6. Test & operate pressures with special gauges. Refrigerant added 1 lb. if needed for maximum cooling efficiency
  7. Inspect condenser contactor points. Cleaned if necessary
  8. Spray evaporator coil to prevent mold & mildew overflow
  9. Clean drain pans & drain lines to prevent water overflow
  10. Check accumulators before Freon leaks out
  11. Check safety float controls to avoid flooding
  12. Check capacitors for dangerous leaks & efficient operation
  13. Check Freon condition in site glass if applicable
  14. Check relays for consistent operation
  15. Check reversing valves for rusting & trouble-free operation. Maintains dependability
  16. Inspect air handler blower wheel
  17. Check air handler motor for proper amps
  18. Lubricate bearings in motor if available
  19. Service air handler filter
  20. Verify proper Freon metering for maximum cooling on hot days
  21. Check compressor crankcase heater
  22. Inspect wire connectors
  23. Check air flow temperatures at vital locations
  24. Check heat element
  25. Test compressor starting components to assure long compressor life
  26. Check compressor amps & compare to full load amps, adjust if needed
  27. Test fuses & breakers to prevent nuisance breakdowns
  28. Test all heating controls for safe & dependable operation
  29. Check calibrations on thermostat & adjust
  30. Check leveling of thermostat

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