Sarasota Heat Pump, Furnace Repair and Maintenance – Preparing for the Season

Beyond the, “What’s That Smell” when you fire up your heating system, this video provides some helpful tips.

Check out the video featuring some interesting things to consider with regard to your Sarasota heat pump, furnace repair and maintenance during the cold months in Florida.  Jack shares his experience and helpful considerations to maximize system efficiency, save a few bucks and minimize your worries and concerns.

Here’s a Few Highlights:

Heating Season in Florida?
When you want it you need it to work right and safety.

What’s that Smell?
That musty burning odor the first time you use it is just a little dirt on the coils which should burn off in a few minutes.¬† IF it’s any longer than just a few minutes turn off the system and contact your Heating Repair Specialist in Sarasota or other local HVAC technician.

Filter & Air Quality Considerations
Change the filter and consider adding indoor air quality as you will likely be spending a little more time in your home

Consider Service Agreements
When the technician is there consider an annual service contract to keep your system working at peak performance and efficiency but also reduced costs if something does need to be replaced.

We hope this was helpful in answering some of your questions about Sarasota Heat Pump, Furnace Repair and Maintenance during the sometimes chilly Florida winters. If it was helpful, or we can answer any additional questions for you, please click here or call us at (941) 404-1980.


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