Calculate Your Home Energy Savings ONLINE NOW!  We won’t harass you.

When it is time to replace your air conditioner, calculating your home energy saving can help you decide on what make and model of air conditioner to select.


By estimating your energy savings, a higher cost, more efficient system may actually pay for itself many times over the useful life of the systems.  Useful life of air conditioners in Florida is 10 to 14 yrs.

How do you select the right HVAC system for your home?  Start by speak with an establish HVAC dealer that has been in business for 8+ years, has experienced installers, and positive online reviews.

What are the key components necessary to calculate your annual air conditioning energy saving?
Obviously location of your home, Florida.
•    Size (Sq Feet)
•    Age of home
•    Cost of electricity, cents/kWh

Based on the energy rating (Seer) of the model selected you can estimate your annual energy savings,
Click Here and select (select “YHM” under “Heat Pump”):

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